Jun 252012

Hi all! It’s been forever, and I keep meaning to come back and blog sometime but just never got around to it. Now I’m gonna make a more serious resolution, because I really do enjoy this activity and I want to share my NOTDs!

Here we have a very OLD swatch of Butter LONDON Cheeky Chops . Also I emphasized old, because my nails are extremely long here! (They’re usually nubbinz)


This is a great creamy yellow, and it was about a two coater if I remember correctly.


I hear that Butter LONDON is having a 30% off sale on their site with the code FFSUMMER12, so I’d go check it out if I were you! ;) This is a good pedi color too, I think.

Aug 282011
Beauty Blogazon Weekly Round-up

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And that’s it for last week’s hot stuff! I’ve been super busy, moving in and it seems that I will need to be moving AGAIN. Oh well! I hope to be finally settled in, I have tons of stuff to show you! :)

Aug 272011

I have a simple post for you today. This is Cult Nails Fly With Me, stamped with BM in Konad Special White.

If you’re curious, here is a swatch of Cult Nails Fly With Me:
It’s an amazing teal, with subtle flakies inside. Extremely opaque, my jaw was hanging open when I swatched this.

Look at this closeup, look at it:

Aug 252011

Another old post. I went to a flea market with my cousin Shauna, in Brownsville, and there were a ton of people selling Kleancolors for about a dollar each. Well I found these KleanColor Crackles there!

KleanColor Purple Crackle, layered over Essie Lilacism. I really love this effect! It’s what I would definitely call a “crackle”. I don’t care what polish companies call their collections, but THIS is a crackle. All of the other ones, the ones that do not look like this, are shatters. To me!

Check out that close up! I also have a brown version. I bet if I layered that over a sandy-tan base I’d have me a giraffe print easy!

A word of caution:

Unfortunately for me though, I wore them to the beach and the crackle FLAKED OFF. It just kept popping right off my nails. I read somewhere that this breed of crackle/shatter is best applied over wet, or else they will just go ahead and do that! So if you have this and have been wanting to try it, keep this tip in mind!

Aug 242011

For today’s Pink Wednesday I chose OPI My Chihuahua Bites! because in the dim lighting of my room, it looked like a nice hot pink creme. After application was said and done, I went to bed… Only to find out I woke up to a neon red creme. =\ Oh well. Red is just a really dark pink eh? xD It’s a true neon, which is unusual of OPI I think. Slightly sheer at two coats, and it dried in that special satin-y way only neons would.

This is another take of my Blackberry Bling style, which I– I’ve said it before and will say it again– LOVE. I grabbed the closest Orly Instant Artist bottle that was a gold glitter and made random circles. It kind of looks like crop circles, but ah, I still liked it.

Aug 232011

I’m late to the boat, but recently I decided to finally try the ombre nail look! For those of you not sure what an ombre nail is, it’s when you choose a color group and then have shades that go gradual from darkest to lightest.
I hear that the “appropriate” way to do an ombre nail is to select the darkest and lightest of your spectrum, and then mix them to create the inbetween shades. That is probably correct, but I did it the lazy way (and because I have way too many polishes.) I just selected five bottles that seemed to coordinate nicely in shading:
You can see the shades I used! ;) The darkest was ULTA Devious, and the lightest was Essie Lilacism.

And here’s what it looked like:
I really liked this, I wore it for like two days (hence the slight tip wear) haha.

here’s a shot that includes the thumb, the ULTA Devious:

What do you think? Have you rocked the ombre nail look yet?

Aug 232011

I am really happy Serena Williams teamed up with OPI to put out these sets. 1) I love her and 2) She has KILLER taste in polish!

So, the Glam Slam England is a three piece, but released in two sets. Both sets share the same holographic, mixed hex-round glitter topcoat. No complaints about the formula either, I was able to get full opacity from only two coats.

OPI Your Royal Shine-ness and OPI Servin’ Up Sparkle.
LOOK at that glitter. LOOK AT IT.
OPI Your Royal Shine-ness.
Incredibly reflective silver foil. I’m pretty sure this is a metallic foil. Yep.
Everyone says this is what Silver Shatter would look like if it didn’t, well, shatter. I concur mightily.
OPI Your Royal Shine-ness covered in Servin’ Up Sparkle
It’s not my favorite combination because you don’t really see the difference, but it’s good for that extra oomph when a silver foil polish is not enough bling for you.

The second set:
OPI Servin’ Up Sparkle and OPI Grape…Set…Match!
OPI Grape…Set…Match!
This really is a grape. It’s got a strong berry base, despite being a dark purple, you can still see the red veining in it. It’s also a foil.
Despite being a purple I just didn’t really love this. I like true purples, not purples that have too much red in them. I’m a tough customer I guess.
OPI Grape…Set…Match! layered with OPI Servin Up Sparkle
Can you believe this is only ONE coat of Servin’ Up Sparkle? SO MUCH BLING! WOW!

Overall Thoughts:

This is a lovely set, and very much representative of Serena. In my opinion, Servin’ Up Sparkle is a MUST. HAVE. You need like two bottles of this! Your Royal Shine-ness is also a must have if you don’t already have a good silver foil in your collection (otherwise they all kinda look the same, unless you’re a collector like I am).
These are found at ULTA and of course, my favorite, Amazon.

Aug 222011
Beauty Blogazon Weekly Round-up

Formed by Aprill, the Beauty Blogazons is a support group of beauty bloggers! Check out what the Blogazon has got in store for you this week by clicking these awesome links below :)

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Aug 212011

Quick NOTD for y’all tonight :) This is Color Club Fractured Gold, layered over ULTA Devious (a lovely dark purple creme). I really like Color Club’s crackle line they put out this summer. Cracks wonderfully and into a shatter style, like the OPI and China Glaze ones which I strongly prefer! :)

I know… I had a nasty papercut on my finger that was healing up, so I creatively covered it with my watermark! HA.

I think purple and gold are a match made in heaven. What do you think? ;)

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