Aug 052011

Hi everyone! I’ve been MIA. My site wasn’t just doing what I wanted it to do, so I took some time away (unannounced because I’m spontaneous like that :P ) and thought about what content I want to be pouring in here. I’ve come up with some pretty awesome ideas, and will be releasing them pretty shortly.

A larger part was becoming self-hosted. I am no longer hosted by Blogger, and now powered by WordPress and self-hosted! I wish I made this move earlier, updating, exporting, and TAGGING 150 posts was not my idea of a good time. Oh well! They’re all here and packed away in their neat little imaginary files.

A sucky part of my migration is that Google crawlers have my old site indexed, and now I have to wait for them to update their caches here. That may be why if you arrived here with a search and found yourself with a 404 page. :( All of my posts are searchable within this site, and I have tabs for you to play with! But please e-mail me at or leave a comment on this post if you find something that is actually broken, and not a 404 page not found notification. Google crawlers will find and replace the right site links soon enough.

Tell me what you think of my new look!

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  • pamela greenlee

    love the new look :)

    • Anonymous

      Thank you very much!