Aug 142011

This is a shot of the amazing L.A. Girl Glitter Addict Jostle layered over an Essence polish, Let’s Get Lost.

Jostle is an amazing blue glitter, mixed with small and hex shapes.
It IS tasty y’all. I just love the LA Girls Glitter Addict line! I think I have all of them.

Did I mention this was ONE coat? Well yeah. It is.

Check out this great closeup I got of the glitter detail ;)

Oh, and for the curious, here’s the Essence swatch by itself.
Essence Colour & Go Let’s Get Lost.
It’s a lovely medium sky blue creme, that I think goes great with my complexion. I just LOVE the Essence Colour & Go line. 99 cent polish with outstanding formula, who could want more?

I bought my LA Girls Glitter Addict polishes off– they often have sitewide sales with sweet deals, but not too sweet for my wallet. ;)

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  • Jacki Gentry

    Love this! Especially how there are much less big glitter pieces. Makes them more special LOL

    • Anonymous

      Yup! The LA Girls Glitter Addict line is mostly like that, which is why I like them. They don’t obscure the polish beneath!