Aug 172011

HA! You see what I did? ;) Instead of a single post, you get a pink themed collection for today’s Pink Wednesday feature!
We have OPI Nice Stems! for Summer 2011, another four piece. What is it with OPI releasing all these four piece collections lately? I’m liking most of what I see anyway, so no complaints from this little polish hoarder.

The formulas for all four were wonderful, I had no complaints. I achieved opacity in two easy coats (one in a certain polish’s case!). This collection features three pink shimmers, and a flakies topper. Onto the swatches!

OPI Be a Dahlia Won’t You
A raspberry glass fleck. Super glowy and reflective, probably doesn’t even need a topcoat for glossiness!
This is a dupe to the China Glaze 108 Degrees, and in person it did not look so sheer.
OPI Be a Dahlia Won’t You layered with one coat of OPI I Lily Love You
I felt I Lily Love You did not really alter this polish as much, I rather liked Be a Dahlia Won’t You by itself.

OPI Come to Poppy
This is a lovely pink, slightly coral, packed with a fine shimmer. This photo is also excellently color accurate if I may say so myself. :D
It has so much shimmer that it could end up being frosty, but thanks to the formula it evened itself out and I did not see any brush strokes.
OPI Come to Poppy layered with a coat of OPI I Lily Love You
Now that’s a change! I like this combo, the I Lily Love You polish as a topper darkens the base slightly, takes it from being coral-y to a dark pink. The crushed glitter flakes also reflect and makes it look fantastic.

OPI Play the Peonies
This is an extremely light pink, it looks almost white. It could be considered a “wearable white”, it’s not stark and has a nice subtle color to it.
It’s a really nice neutral, and like Come to Poppy is packed with shimmer and is bordering on being frosty. I loved this on my nails.
OPI Play the Peonies with a layer of OPI I Lily Love You
This is definitely a transformation! The topper made Play the Peonies seem like a light pink, and you can see every detail of how I Lily Love You works. Clearly this is my favorite combination! I have another picture for you:
I Lily Love You is unique because it’s not exactly a flakie, it’s really kind of like they took a sheet of multichromatic pink foil and crushed it into a million tiny pieces. So what you get is irregular shards of glitter and every nail is different.

Overall Thoughts:

I am not a pink girl but… I just love the names, it just screams spring/summer and makes me want to frolic. I was very pleased with the formulas here, but OPI has been consistently putting out great stuff this year and I haven’t found a bottle with crap formula (minus the old stuff). However, the crushed glitter in I Lily Love You makes it difficult to do “clean-up” (it’s always hard cleaning up after glitter in general).
If you already have China Glaze 108 Degrees, you don’t really need OPI Be a Dahlia Won’t You or vice versa. They both have wonderful formula and basically, it comes down to which brush you prefer. In my opinion, I Lily Love You is a must-have, the others are dependent on what kind of a pink gal you are.

I am still finding these in my ULTA, and they are easily found online in places such as Amazon.

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  • Nail Nerd

    I really like all these colors, but agree that I Lily Love You is the winner of the bunch — maybe over a dark color it’d do something fun too?

  • Marta

    I posted on be a dahlia today also. Love how you layered the flakes over all the shades :)
    You’re right, they are lovely but always a bit more challenging to clean off of the nail :)