Jul 052011

Too late? LOL. It’s only the 5th ;) My fiance and I bought some really awesome fireworks, almost professional style. They were AMAZING. When I get them up on my Facebook, I’m going to post a few firework pictures here too. I got some great shots!

Anyway naturally, I have a few July 4th themed manicures for you. They’re fairly simple (In my opinion) and I have a guest nail to show you. :)

First I freehanded vertical halves of my nails with a dark blue and red polish. I don’t remember the polish colors, will have to hunt up on that if you’re really interested. Honestly any red/blue will do. :P

Then, when the red side was dry I put on white crackle. I used China Glaze’s Lightning Bolt, but I felt this did not work well this time. :( It was disappointing. The thumb crackled fine, but the rest was weird. Maybe it didn’t like crackling over red jelly polish.
I picked up some star shaped nail glitter, from my Bundle Monster nail art wheel set and placed them on the dark blue side atop wet polish, then sealed everything with topcoat. It was awesome, in my opinion! Although sadly the stars started popping off the next day. D:

Nick also volunteered his nails. He VOLUNTEERED. He told me I must make a flag theme. OK then :)
This picture makes me giggle. Cthulhu hands! It was really simple. I used this striping polish set from Sinful Colors, and horizontally painted nails blue/white then added white dots for stars on the blue half, and red stripes on the white half. Very simple and took me about 5 minutes to do. Promise!

Now, this is the manicure I ultimately went with for July 4th and still do actually have on. It’s too awesome to pass up ;) I alternated from the pinky to index fingers, red white and blue polish. The white is Orly Winter Wonderland layered over a plain white polish for some sparkle. The red and blue are just your average polishes, the red was a Kleancolor and the blue was a Nabi polish I think.

THEN… I tried out the BLACKBERRY BLING style!
This term was coined quite a few years ago, when Blackberries were all the rage and people had addiction problems. It means to create accent nails on your thumbs, and leave all the other fingers plain, as the thumbs are much more noticeable while texting. I have to say, as a compulsive texter… I LOVE THIS LOOK. Way better than the standard “accent finger” on my ring or index fingers! Blackberry bling is the way to go :)

Jun 302011

Hi all, I’ve been on a brief hiatus :P First we had to clean house for a bunch of guests who only stayed for half a day, and then Nick and I decided to go mattress shopping and I’ve been preoccupied with that. The mattress is awesome! It’s sooo much better. I’ve been waking up with back pain for the past few weeks, because the mattress was really old (when we took it out we found it pretty much sagged and looks a bit squashed, lol who knows how old it is!)

Anyway I have a Pink Wednesday post for y’all! It’s only about two hours and a half past midnight into Thursday, so I figure that’s not too late is it? :)

I began with a base of a Kleancolor pink neon, name escapes me… Then I freehanded the arrows on with Sonia Kashuk’s Ooh La La, a polish easily found in Target with a little brush :)

I think it’s awesome, it reminds me of those power up strips in Mario Kart or any racing games.

Or an oddly pink turn warning sign on roads :)

I had every intention to tape the arrows/stripes but it turned out way harder than I anticipated… o.O So freehand it was! xD

What do you think?

Jun 282011
Hi all, I know it’s been quiet here… I’ve been busy! We just bought a brand new mattress and I am SO occupied with that haha. It’s exciting! 
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Jun 252011

Another oldie. I’m almost done with my Spring collections I promise! ;) This is the Spring 2011 collection, featuring the quite interesting Gemma. All the polishes boasted the fantastic Zoya formula, with two coats each. The polishes are quite perfect for Spring. I can imagine wearing them during the constant rain and dreariness that is Washington DC springtime! ;)

Gemma. Indeed the star and most unique of this collection, but I didn’t really like it much. It looks like vomit and pea soup. It’s got this interesting purple/blue shimmer running through it. Have a closer look:
It looks a lot better in the photos and in that closeup, but it just looks like baby poo on my nails = NOT My favorite and definitely something I’m gonna get rid of!

Caitlin is a dark smoky periwinkle blue.

Jules, how I love this one! It’s a lovely gold with glass fleck. Looks great in sunshine! I think any skin tone could pull this color off.

Marley is a light lilac with a delicate pearl finish.

Dove is a perfect soft grey creme.

Dannii! Guess who’s my favorite? Purple with gold glass fleck shimmer– gorgeous in sunlight.

Jun 232011

Another Spring 2011 collection! I know :P This one I really like, it reminds me of Paris and walks through parks with a parasol. It’s a six piece collection with light colors and cremes, combined with a sheer pink-gold duochrome topper, Kisses & Bises.

All polishes had great formula except Nice is Nice, which I found to be a bit goopy. I’m pretty sure this is just a random bad bottle, the one I had at DC was much better and easier to control. They’re all two coats, and one coat of Kisses & Bises.

Let’s begin with my favorite… I have FOUR pictures of it! Haha.
Coat Azure! It’s an azure blue with a shimmer.
See that delicate shimmer?
With Kisses & Bises over it.

French Affair, the namesake of this collection. It’s a pastel pink creme. Very delicate and beautiful :)
French Affair with Kisses and Bises on top. This is one polish that I feel that Kisses & Bises just did not transform. All we see is a pale pink shimmer!

Topless & Barefoot. What a raunchy name ;) It’s a cool tan neutral creme. Kind of boring until…
Layered with Kisses & Bises!
I like this effect, it’s like sun shining on wet sand on the beach… I NEED a trip to South Padre Island SOON.

Nice is Nice. A pale pastel lilac creme.
I love this combo too :) I really like this topper.

Sand Tropez, a much warmer neutral than Topless & Barefoot.
With Kisses and Bises. This combination really brings out the gold in K&B;!

Jun 212011

I feel like a lot of weddings are happening this summer! A lot of my friends have tons of weddings to attend, and my fiance’s cousin is getting married this July, which I will attend. So I felt it was appropriate to post about a wedding collection :) I always feel like Essie does great neutral, wedding-appropriate colors.
I ordered their mini box set. Isn’t it the cutest?! It has blocks around, with the colors of the collection.

From left to right: First Dance, Made to Honor, Borrowed & Blue, Better Together.

Two of the neutral polishes (the beige and pink) are very sheer and nothing will get them opaque. They’re ideal for the french manicures that we see so often on brides.
For the sheer ones, I’m going to show a two coat and a three coat to give you an idea of the color build up.
Two of the other colors are bolder and opaque in two coats (except the red) and would make for fun, coordinating pedicure colors (or on your hands- whatever!)

First Dance is a cool red. Everyone needs a classic red in their collection, and this could be it. At three coats, the nail line is still visible so I would think this is best for the toes, or nicely manicured short nails. OR for the people that don’t care about VNL! :)

Made to Honor at two coats. This is a lovely beige, personally in my opinion this is the polish color that Chanel Beige Petale wanted to be- this is clearly a much better choice for a sheer beige polish! You could put on one coat to give your nails a fresh and shiny look, but retain the natural look.
Three coats. I’m not sure if I like this better at three coats, or at two like shown earlier.

Borrowed and Blue. Two coats. LOVELY pastel baby blue. I love the name too :) As most pastels go, the first coat tends to be streaky. This was kind of true, and the second coat smoothed everything and it all became perfect.
I love love love this polish! Seriously. I have worn it twice! It’s such a flattering baby blue, I feel like this color will look good on all skin tones.

Better Together, two coats. What a romantic name :) It’s a light sheer pink.
I definitely prefer the three coats version.

Jun 202011

Zoya usually releases bright, flashy colors. Sometimes too flashy- where would we be able to use that in the professional world? But this summer they released a three piece of work-appropriate, professional neutrals! They call these polishes as neutral but with a “metallic kiss”. It actually just looks like shimmer to me, and a pearl finish.
I love the box it came in! :)

The formula was especially fantastic for all three, and they are definitely neutral polishes that everyone needs to have in their stash! Zoya released three types of nudes to ensure that these shades can suit various skin colors, so everyone definitely needs one. :) They are meant to be dense and opaque, but I achieved full opacity with three coats.
I hear a lot of other bloggers achieved this coverage with two, so maybe my definition of coat thickness is different. I do pretty thin coats because if I do thicker ones then I’ll end up with cuticle drag and pooling.

Pandora. This is a cool, light mauve. This is my second favorite :)
Detail of the gold shimmer and the finish.

Minka. She’s a strong yellow toned beige nude. It’ll suit people with yellow/green undertones.
Detail. I know, I fudged the application a bit :|

Shay. She’s a peachy warm beige, very sandy. She is also my match, and there needs to be songs written about our compatibility.
I’m actually craving to wear this one again!!

Jun 192011
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Jun 192011

OMG I love this glitter!! I wore it by itself, a whole THREE layers of glitter. Surprisingly, it was not that nasty to remove. ;)

Spark de Triomphe is a white gold glitter, in hexagonal and round shapes, suspended in a clear base. It’s an incredibly dense glitter. Most glitter do not achieve full coverage after three layers, but this one could. In my close up pics you can still see through my nails but the bling more than makes up for it!

So lovely *.* Everyone needs to own one!

Spark de Triomphe is part of another duo released by Selena Williams by OPI, it’s supposed to be partnered with White Shatter but I just love this by itself!

Jun 172011

Some old NOTDs for ya :)

A water marbling attempt. I don’t remember what colors I used. I just picked them and then realized this is like my third BLUE water marbling. I need to go into a different color territory, lol. I was testing out using masking fluid as a replacement for Liquid Palisade, which worked excellently well.

Base color: Nicole by OPI The Next CEO
Stamp: Wet n Wild Black Creme
Stamping plate: BM12

Base color: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Effects in Plum Luck
Stamp: a gold chrome, I forget, lol.
Stamping plate: Konad M60

Base color: OPI Skulls and Glossbones
Stamping color: Wet n Wild Black Creme
Stamping plate: BM 225

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