Important Pressure Cooker Instructions

Pressure cooking is a great way of cooking as it saves your efforts and time to a large extent. Generally, beginners in cooking are fearful of using pressure cookers; it is very important to know the safety measures related to pressure cookers while using one. This post gives a few important pressure cooker instructions.

Instructions for Using a Pressure Cooker

Given below are some instructions for proper use of a cooker:

  • Always fill the cooker only till the maximum fill level marked.
  • Add the ingredients in the given order; for instance, add meat first and later add vegetables. Follow such instructions to avoid the food from turning into a mush.
  • As far as the pressure release is concerned, always release steam in a slow and natural way for foods like cereals, stews, meats and pulses. This may take around 15 minutes after removing from heat.
  • The other way for releasing steam is quick pressure release, which is suitable for fishes and poultry.

Few Tips for Cookers

Here are few tips for pressure cooker owners:

  • Avoid using pressure cookers for deep frying.
  • Check the gasket on a regular basis as the efficiency of the cooker depends on the gasket.
  • Ensure that the valves are dirt-fee before using the cooker.
  • Go through the manufacturers instructions before using the pressure cooker.

Pressure cooker instructions are very vital to be followed to avoid any untoward accidents.