Low Voltage Electric Blankets 

Soft Heat low voltage electric blankets, a product by Perfect fit, is in contrary to the traditional heavy blankets.


Automatic preheat feature is available that warms to the dial setting in just 15 minutes. This heat is steady and constant through the night. It has automatic shut off within 10 hours; so if you need to sleep longer than that, you will need to switch it on again. Further, the blanket can be maintained easily as it is machine washable. You can enjoy your sleep with the silent and no-click operation along with non-slip back.


The all new low voltage heated electric blankets excel the prior conservative heated blankets with their innumerable benefits-

  • It is far safer as it uses low voltage power- less than 25 volts thus ensuring safety.
  • The material used for weaving the blanket is smooth and soft; it is 100% micro-fleece polyester
  • The wires are very small and hence give you a comfortable feel.
  • It is lighter and highly efficient with warm up time of less than 15 minutes.
  • Most important of all, this is the only heated blanket that maintains its original size even after washing.