Martex Raschel Electric Blankets 

Martex Raschel electric blankets form one of the basic essential amenities in the winter season. This post highlights the features of this blanket.

Features of Martex Sleepwarmer Super Soft Heated Raschel Blanket:

The polyester material in the blanket gives a warm environment; it also maintains the warmness. The blanket is incorporated with a digital controller with 15 heat settings. The maintenance part is also very easy since it is compatible with machine wash.

The blanket has dual sensing system that features in adjusting to the gentle warming system.  You can even find the twin complete sensing systems that are there to provide precise temperature, regulation as well as complete overheat protection.  The unit also flaunts self diagnostic solid state control along with 11 heat settings, automatic shut off after a span of 10 hours and final in the line is the LED display.


The top reasons to buy this blanket are it is soft, warm and safe to use.


The probability of defective blankets and poor quality is high, which forms the major drawback of this blanket.

All in all, precise Raschel electric blankets form your best companion on cold nights by keeping you warm.